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Technical Services Librarian, Richards Memorial Library (North Attleborough)

Professional, administrative and technical work cataloging and preparing library materials for
circulation and assisting with the daily operation of the library; performs other related work, as
Essential functions include overseeing the Technical Services Department and coordinating the
work of the staff, supervising the acquisition of library material, select vendors, and overseeing
electronic ordering process. The Librarian is responsible for classifying, cataloging and
preparing library materials for circulation, entering information on materials acquired into a
shared data base with the regional library system, creating lists and statistical reports of library
materials acquired, and identifies sources of library materials and places orders. The Librarian
provide materials, assistance, and service to patrons. The Librarian maintains awareness of and
interprets technical library standards, maintains and interprets technical library procedures, and
represents the library to committees and working groups of the regional library consortium.
Performs other similar or related duties as required or as situation dictates.


Master’s Degree in Library Science; two years of library technical services experience; or an
equivalent combination of education and experience.

Full/Part Time

Full Time



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$1,012.80 - $1,321.46  / week

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2022-05-05 |  Quick link to this job