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Liaison Librarian for Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science, Boston College (Boston)

Boston College Libraries seeks a Liaison Librarian for Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Promising candidates will bring an innovative, energetic, and collaborative approach to their work and possess advanced subject knowledge and expertise. The Liaison Librarian will provide outstanding support in all areas to the Boston College Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science departments, including collection development, digital scholarship and data, and teaching. Working with relevant subject liaison colleagues, the Liaison Librarian will also provide collections, teaching, and research services to the Schiller Institute for Integrated Science and Society to support their ‘multi-disciplinary, collaborative research’ addressing 'critical societal issues in the areas of energy, health, and the environment.' Individuals with a background in Global Public Health may be offered opportunities for liaison leadership in the Libraries’ services in this emerging area. Reporting to the Head of Collections, Liaison Librarians work within a strategic cohort organization that fosters communication and support for instructional and research services and engagement with the Libraries' digital scholarship program.

As the primary liaison to the Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Sciences departments and the Schiller Institute, this position supports research and teaching needs by leading library collection development and management in relevant disciplines, offering outstanding research support, providing a cohesive library instruction program, and, as needed, advising on digital scholarship and data-related initiatives. The Liaison Librarian consults with faculty on an ongoing basis formally and informally regarding their evolving research and teaching requirements and participates in faculty meetings, colloquia, and task forces as needed.

Title and salary commensurate with relevant experience based on the following titles and hiring ranges:
Senior Liaison, 5 years experience, MLS or MS, $68,100 - $85,150
Liaison Librarian, 2 years experience, MLS or MS, $ 61,650 - $77,050

Boston College Libraries operate in accordance with our Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion values statement (, which is central to our mission. We acknowledge historical, structural, and systemic injustices and are actively working to build a culture that recognizes, values, and empowers all people and provides space for discourse and growth. We expect applicants for this position to demonstrate a commitment to sustaining a respectful, accountable, and intentionally inclusive culture.

Please submit BOTH a cover letter and resume 


This position requires experience in selecting and managing scholarly materials, preferably for Sciences disciplines. The Liaison Librarian must demonstrate knowledge of sound selection practices, awareness of scholarly publishing issues, familiarity with the issues of format choice, and understanding of budgetary considerations for various material types. Demonstrated experience in using technology to advance research and teaching is preferred, as well as an understanding of the evolving digital scholarship trends and developments in higher education. The successful candidate must demonstrate evidence of a working style that combines initiative, collaboration, and leadership, and the ability to work effectively with diverse groups

ALA-accredited Master’s degree in Library or Information Science or an advanced
degree in an appropriate subject discipline.

Full/Part Time

Full Time



Salary Range

$61,650.00 - $85,150.00  / year

Salary Notes

Salary and title to be determined based on experience

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2023-04-28 |  Quick link to this job