Erving Breaks Ground on New Library Project


April 10, 2019
Matthew Perry
Outreach Coordinator
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On Friday, March 29, a large crowd gathered at the future site of the Erving Public Library to celebrate its groundbreaking. The $4,933,007 project is funded in part by a $2,720,146 from the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC) Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program (MPLCP) grant.

In attendance were schoolchildren from the Erving Elementary School adorned in yellow hard hats. They were joined by State Representative Susannah Whipps, State Senator Jo Commerford, MBLC Commissioner Jan Resnick, and other library and town officials.

“Today is a tremendous example of growth in a community” said Representative Whipps. Senator Commerford added “This project represents money coming from the state, which it should, to promote literacy and programming that benefits the whole town.”

The town’s current library is 1,865 sq. ft. and has not been able to keep up with the needs of the town’s growing population. The new building will expand the square footage to 8,294 sq. ft., with study areas, quiet spaces, gathering spots, and a business center with high-tech tools, as well as natural light and comfortable seating areas. The new location allows easy access to students from the elementary school, as well as the adjacent senior/community center.

Commissioner Resnick offered greetings and congratulations on behalf of the rest of the board and told the gathered crowd to “be excited and love every minute” of the construction project.

This project may qualify for an MPLCP Green Library Incentive following completion of construction, if official LEED certification from the US Green Building Council is attained.

Photos from the event can be seen on the MBLC’s Facebook page.

Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program projects are currently under construction in Leicester, Sherborn, Dartmouth, Monterey, Springfield and Weymouth; and in the final planning stages in Hadley, Medford, Grafton, Littleton and Norwell. MPLCP grants provide crucial funding that enables the libraries to meet the growing demand for services. Statewide, attendance at public library programs has increased 49% since 2006 and every 5.5 seconds a Massachusetts resident accesses the Internet through a public library.

Funding for the MPLCP is authorized by the governor and the legislature. The MPLCP was first funded in 1987. Since then, the program has assisted hundreds of communities in building new libraries or in renovating and expanding existing libraries. Please visit the MBLC website for more information about the MPLCP.

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