2023-2024 Grants - General Information

Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program (MPLCP) grants help pay for major capital improvement projects, from initial planning through construction. The applicant for an MPLCP grant is the municipality in which the library is located. There is a single application for two phases of an eligible project: a planning and design phase and a construction phase. MBLC Library Building Specialists guide each municipality and library through the process, and each phase involves evaluation by an independent review team. Please see 605 CMR 6.00 and Program Notices for detailed information pertaining to the 2023-2024 Grant Round. A LibGuide with more details about the grant round can be found here: https://guides.mblc.state.ma.us/2023-2024PlanningAndDesign.

We have compiled an FAQ for the grant round. If your question does not appear, you can submit a new one, and we will answer it. 


Important Dates

The following dates and times are subject to change, if necessary:

February 2, 2023: Grant Round Announced
February 28, 2023: Amplifund Training for Letter of Intent
April 28, 2023: Letter of Intent due by 4:00pm EST
May 2023: Mandatory Application Workshops (See Getting Started for details)
June 7, 2023: Amplifund Training for Application
May 31, 2024: Application due by 4:00pm EST (must have submitted a Letter of Intent to qualify)



To be eligible for a grant, applicant libraries must:

  • not have had a construction grant in the last 30 years if the municipality has a single library location (30 years from Certificate of Occupancy to Board Vote in September 2024)
  • not have had a construction grant in the last 5 years if the municipality has multiple library locations (5 years from Certificate of Occupancy to Board Vote in September 2024)
  • be a free public library located in Massachusetts
  • be certified by the MBLC as meeting the minimum state standards for public library service
  • have a current strategic plan and annual action plan on file at the MBLC
  • comply with all application requirements as stated in 605 CMR 6.00


Eligible Projects

Applications can be made for:

  • New construction
  • Addition/renovation of an existing library
  • Conversion of another building type into a public library

All of these projects may be a standalone library, a joint public library, or a portion of a shared building. A joint public library is an undertaking by two or more cities or towns to provide public library service to all citizens of both municipalities within a single building. A shared building is a facility incorporating a public library and one or more compatible partners or municipal departments; only the library portion is eligible for grant funding. For more information about requirements pertaining to joint public library and shared building types, please see 605 CMR 6.00.


What do grants cover?

MPLCP construction grant funds pay for a percentage of eligible costs based on a funding formula. Eligible costs include:

  • acquisition of land
  • planning, design, and engineering services
  • project management services
  • site preparation
  • installation of utilities
  • construction
  • fixed capital equipment
  • mobile shelving
  • mobile/modular service desks

Grant funds do not pay for furniture, computers, landscaping, paving, and other ineligible costs as defined in 605 CMR 6.00.


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For More Information

Heather Backman, Library Building Specialist
617-725-1860, x245
857-283-5668 (Mobile)

Andrea Bono-Bunker, Library Building Consultant
617-725-1860, x246
857-488-6264 (Mobile)