Planning & Design Grants

Planning and design grants help communities prepare to apply for an MPLCP construction grant. Activities may include:

  • assessment of community needs
  • building program development
  • site studies
  • geotechnical studies
  • hazardous materials analysis
  • schematic design work
  • other eligible planning work

These grant rounds are typically offered two years before a construction grant round is planned, to position communities well in applying for a construction grant.

  • The most recent planning and design grant round was held in 2013-14 and provided a maximum of $50,000 with a required local funding amount of at least $25,000. 22 grants were awarded in that round.
  • A planning & design grant is not required in order to qualify for a construction grant, but the same procedure must be followed (see 605 CMR 6.00).
  • No planning & design grant round is planned for the near future. We will announce future rounds on the Construction email list.

For More Information

Heather Backman, Library Building Specialist
617-725-1860, x245
857-283-5668 (Mobile)

Andrea Bono-Bunker, Library Building Consultant
617-725-1860, x246
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