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Definitions for Library Incentive Grant, Municipal Equalization Grant, and Non Resident Circulation, can be found on the State Aid main page.

The population year used to calculate awards is provided by the Department of Revenue. For information regarding population year for each award year, see below.

Fiscal Year Population Year
FY2023 2020
FY2022 2019
FY2021 2018
FY2020 2015
FY2019 2015
FY2018 2014
FY2017 2013
FY2016 2013
FY2015 2012
FY2014 2010
FY2013 2010
FY2012 2009
FY2011 2008
FY2010 2007
FY2009 2005
FY2008 2005
FY2007 2004

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