New Contract Update

It is now July 1 and the Statewide online resources available through the MBLC and MLS have transitioned into their new contract period.  Access to new and retained products is available now.

Links for your Library:

The MBLC provides links specific to each MLS member library. These links can be used to authenticate users to access the databases - through geolocation or via a library card if their location cannot be determined to be within Massachusetts. 

Look up your links at the MBLC's site:

If your library has its own proxy server (ezproxy or something else), please contact the vendors directly for their help in getting access set up.

If you use Galepages to access your databases, these links will automatically be updated/added for you, but the new databases may not be listed for another week or so.


MLS will continue to provide support for libraries having problems accessing the statewide databases. Please contact their database support team via email -

The MLS databases libguide is in the process of being updated to include more information about the new databases.

Specific Vendor Information & Training Materials

We'll be scheduling live online trainings with each vendor later in the summer/fall, but most of the vendors have provided some pre-recorded material to get everyone started.



  • New Product - PebbleGo (Animals and Biographies)
  • Capstone should be working with existing customers to transition to the statewide setup. It is our understanding that they intend for the statewide modules to merge seamlessly with any additional modules purchased by individual libraries/school districts, but we haven't been given further details. Please let us know if you are an existing PebbleGo customer and are running into any issues during this changeover.



Transparent Language

For Statewide Database Support

Statewide Databases LibGuide
Try the LibGuide first for MLS & vendor support, training, and more.

1-866-627-7228 option 3