Financial Literacy Toolkit

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Financial Literacy Month Resources for Libraries

The Office of Economic Empowerment (OEE) works with Massachusetts residents to provide the tools and knowledge needed to achieve economic security. For Financial Literacy Month, the office has teamed up with MBLC to bring programs and resources to library patrons across the Commonwealth!


We are excited to announce that OEE and MBLC have partnered on a Financial Literacy Program Booklet! This booklet includes step-by-step programming guides for libraries to use in their own communities with sections for children, teens and adults.  Download it here.





Ready-to-Use Social Media Posts



A Financial Literacy Toolkit featuring ready-to-use posts for each month is available on OEE’s website! Simply copy and paste the post to your social media platform to share resources with your community. 

We've also created a one page calendar highlighting Financial Literacy Topics all year long. Use this calendar to plan programming and social media every month.




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