Summer Success Toolkit

A new way of thinking about summer success

The way we think about a successful summer at the library has changed.
It’s no longer only about numbers, for example: how many people registered? How many attended? 
Summer success is about learning and growing and meeting new people—that’s what we need your help to capture this summer!

That’s why we created the Library Summer Success website where patrons can share images and stories of how they spent the summer at the library.

We ask:
Did you attend an amazing program?
Did you learn a new skill or hobby?
Did your kids fall in love with reading?

Did you meet new people?

Patrons are free to share whatever their summer success is!
Please note: there is a lag time between uploading and when a post becomes live.

How we can all use these stories:

  • The MBLC will use these stories to help stakeholders understand the value and importance of summer library programs.
  • Because the site is searchable by library, you can use your local stories with your officials.

To help promote to your patrons: