Grant Opportunity: Go Local

Go Local: Building Communities & Collections

Surface hidden local history or add to the historical record.

Two young people examine an elderly man's military decorations.Grant Amount:


Time Range:

1 or 2 years


Public Libraries

Staff Contact:

Lyndsay Forbes

Program Description

Libraries are not simply repositories for local history, but active institutional members of society with a key role to play in capturing and making community stories available to all. This program will give public libraries the opportunity to develop projects using historical documents and artifacts to surface unknown stories, or deepen the contemporary record by capturing the experience of current residents, everyday life, or community events. Using techniques and tools both traditional and new, libraries can record and document community stories that build a history and shared identity. Libraries can bring people together to share stories, and engage volunteers in helping with projects that bridge generations and overcome cultural and socio-economic divisions.

Examples of projects might include collecting oral or video histories focused on a shared theme or event; capturing memories of a regional or community event; surfacing information about an individual, event, or time period which knowledge has faded; identifying and documenting knowledge of local landmarks; capturing the local experience of an underserved or historically marginalized population; or using a combination of video, photo, and recording techniques to create a snapshot of the town and its residents. Projects might draw on and enrich local genealogical knowledge; involve veterans and students; develop the library’s collection through the addition of traditional or digital content; or require collaboration between libraries in communities with a common background, history, industry, or immigration stories.

Projects should include a substantial partnership component, solid outreach to and collaboration with diverse and underserved groups or participants, and the creation of a lasting, significant contribution to the local record.

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Robert Favini, Head of Library Advisory and Development
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Amy Clayton, Administrative Coordinator
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