State Aid and ARIS

State Aid to Public Libraries is an annual, voluntary program administered by the MBLC. It encourages municipal support and improvement for public library service, bolsters reciprocal resource sharing among libraries, compensates for differences in municipal funding capacities, and offsets costs to libraries that circulate materials to patrons from other certified municipalities.

State Aid funding is appropriated annually to the MBLC by the legislature.


A municipality and its library must be certified by the MBLC as meeting statutory and regulatory requirements to receive State Aid to Public Libraries. To be certified each fiscal year, a municipality and its library must:

Disbursement of Awards

After a municipality is certified to receive State Aid to Public Libraries, the MBLC disburses 3 awards in several payments: the Library Incentive Grant, the Municipal Equalization Grant, and Nonresident Circulation Offset. Additional funds, if available, are distributed by the end of the fourth quarter of the fiscal year.


The LIG is disbursed to all certified municipalities based on their population. It encourages municipalities to support and improve public library service.

The MEG is disbursed to all certified municipalities using a calculation based on the state lottery formula. This compensates for disparities among municipal funding capacities.

The NRC is disbursed to offset additional costs to municipalities whose libraries circulate materials to patrons of other certified Massachusetts municipalities.

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