State Aid Forms

Required Forms and Documentation

Multiple Independents Coordinating and Non-Coordiinating

  • Multiple Independent Compliance Form
  • Compiled Compliance Form
    • Email to by October 15, 2021
    • For municipalities with more than one independent library (not branches)
    • The compiled compliance form is filled out by the library designated to compile and submit all multiple independent compliance forms from all libraries within a municipality.

Forms required for a waiver (if applicable) of the Municipal Appropriation Requirement (MAR)

Read the MAR Waiver Memo (Word) and the MAR Waiver Policy for additional instructions.

Form required if using flexibility of the Materials Expenditure Requirement

If a library is open the number of hours required for a larger population group, then that library may spend the materials expenditure requirement figure for that larger population group as per 605 CMR 4.01 (5).

  • Application for Flexibility - not applicable for FY22 State Aid to Public Libraries

Director Verification and Resignation

Must be submitted to verify compliance with library director staffing requirements in order to maintain library certification:

Hearing Request and Notification of Non-Participation

For More Information

Mary Rose Quinn, Head of State Programs
617-725-1860 x220
857-488-7155 (Mobile)

Jen Inglis, State Aid Specialist
617-725-1860 x227
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