ARIS and Financial Report

The MBLC administers the Annual Report Information Survey (ARIS) and Financial Report in compliance with Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 78. Each fiscal year, public libraries are required to submit this data in order to receive State Aid to Public Libraries and to meet the Minimum Standards of Public Library Service.

ARIS and Financial Report data is submitted online through the Collect data management system.

Using summaries of this data prepared by MBLC staff, libraries can compare the quality and effectiveness of library services across Massachusetts, supporting their own planning, evaluation and goals.

Selected survey information is also submitted to the Institute of Museum and Library Services for analysis at the national level, and as part of an agreement for the MBLC to administer certain federal grant funding.

For More Information

Cate Merlin, Head of State Programs
617-725-1860 x220
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Jen Inglis, State Aid Specialist
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