Programs by Andy Volpe: Art & History

Medieval - Renaissance Artist

Learn about the Old Master artists such as Cennini, Durer, and Da Vinci in this unique presentation. Studying from surviving period manuals, treatises and manuscripts, Andy Volpe showcases some of the

Printing Arts: Intaglio 1500 - 1800

Gutenberg's movable type and printing press has had arguably the most significant impact on the spread of information and knowledge. Developed alongside the printing press was Intaglio (In-Tah-Leo)

Roman Legionary - Late Republic (Julius Caesar)

This presentation is similar to the "Roman Empire" program, but offers a look of the arms & armor from an earlier time period - the  turbulent times of the Great Civil War between Julius

Roman Legionary - Roman Empire

Learn about the life and times of a Roman Legionary soldier during the Roman Empire in the 1st Century AD/CE. In this unique and engaging presentation, Andy Volpe wearing carefully researched reproduction