ARIS Instructions


ARIS online opens July 1, 2018; closes August 17, 2018

Financial Report online opens August 6, 2018; closes October 5, 2018

How do I use LibPAS to enter my ARIS and Financial Data?

  • Go to MBLC/Counting Opinions
  • Click on Login
  • Enter your Login and Password (contact Mary Rose Quinn at x220 or Liz Babbitt at x227 if you do not have your username or password)
  • Click on Data Input in the upper left
  • Click on ARIS or Financial Report from the Collection drop-down menu
  • Click on FY 2018 from the Period drop-down menu (usually the latest, correct fiscal year is chosen by default)
  • Enter your library's data
  • Enter zero only if the number is actually zero
  • Do not enter NA--a blank response indicates NA
  • Last year's data is shown to the right of the input box
  • If you have data, you must enter data, even if it is the same as last year
  • Click on the Submit/Lock button when all of your data is entered, and you are ready to submit
  • Click on Print and a pdf version of the online form will appear
  • After completing the ARIS, libraries with branches must then select Branches and Bookmobiles from the Collection dropdown menu and fill in the information requested
  • Click on the Submit/Lock button when all of your data is entered, and you are ready to submit
  • Click on Print and a PDF version of the online form will appear
  • Print the PDF, sign the signature page and mail the entire printed form to: Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners, 98 N. Washington Street, Suite 401, Boston, MA, 02114, Attn. Uechi Ng
  • You are done!

Tips for Navigating Through the Data Input Form

  • Click on the Review button to display the entire form on one page.
  • Select the section to be filled out from the navigation bar on the upper left side of the screen.
  • Use the Next and Previous buttons to move through the form, one section at a time.
  • Move from field to field on the form by clicking on a field. Or, you can use the Tab or Enter key to proceed through fields one at a time.

Entering Data

The Data Input forms have many features for ensuring quality and integrity of data.

  • Edit Check pop-up windows - ensure that entered values are within a usual range of possibilities (i.e., $100,000,000 vs. $10,000 for book expenditures). Otherwise, the form prompts the user to explain why the data may be out of the usual range.
  • Field length limits - ensure that entered values are within a certain number of characters.
  • Dropdown menus - limit guesswork by providing data entry options in a drop down menu format.
  • Pre-filled values - Information that doesn't change often, such as addresses and phone numbers, will be pre-filled in the online form.
  • Previous year’s data (if available) - will be displayed to the right of the data input field.

Adding Notes to Questions

  • Pass the mouse over a question number, and a short definition will pop up, if available.
  • By clicking on a question, you can view more information, including complete definitions or instructions.
  • Click on a question and a note field appears where notes may be entered to help with answering that question in the future. For example, these notes might explain anything that would assist users in filling out the form in the future (who gave me those circulation numbers, etc.), or for others who may be viewing the form at your library for any reason.
  • Make as many notes as needed.
  • Each note is date- and time-stamped for future reference.

Adding Notes to Explain Data Using the Notes Icon

  • Notes can be added for data values by clicking on the small notepad/pen icon.
  • Notes can be used to help in understanding and interpreting data and should be used whenever the data is unusual (i.e., when the data changes significantly from year to year).
  • Providing notes is helpful to your library and to those who collect the information at the MBLC.

Locking and Approving Data

  • When you have completed the form, please lock your survey.
  • Once locked (and approved if necessary), you will not be able to change any values.
  • If a change is required after the data set is locked, please contact Mary Rose Quinn at x220 or Liz Babbitt at x227 to either unlock the data set or request that any required changes be applied on your behalf.

For More Information

Mary Rose Quinn, Head of State Programs
617-725-1860 x220
(in Massachusetts) 800-952-7403 x220

Liz Babbitt, State Aid Specialist
617-725-1860 x227
(in Massachusetts) 800-952-7403 x227