FY 2024 Municipal Appropriation Requirement (MAR) Waivers

At its regular monthly meeting on February 1, 2024, the Board of Library Commissioners granted waivers of the FY2024 Municipal Appropriation Requirement (MAR), and certified the communities below to receive FY2024 State Aid to Public Libraries.

As part of the Waiver application process, municipalities are required to complete a Disproportionate Cut Worksheet to determine whether the cut to the library budget was disproportionate when compared to the overall municipal budget.

A cut to the library budget is considered disproportionate when the library budget reduction exceeds the overall municipal budget cut by 5% or more.

Waiver applicants must also adhere to the Five Year MAR Waiver Policy. Municipalities are limited to 5 consecutive fiscal years as a waiver applicant. Commissioners have the discretion to request that any waiver applicant present their petition in person.

For more information, please see the FY24 State Aid to Public Libraries MAR Compliance Waiver Spreadsheet.

Waivers granted to municipalities under the 5% disproportionate cut threshold:

1. Clarksburg
2. Lawrence
3. Stoughton

Waivers granted to municipalities over the 5% the disproportionate cut threshold:

1. Wayland (-9.26%)

For More Information

Cate Merlin, Head of State Programs
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857-283-5669 (Mobile)

Jen Inglis, State Aid Specialist
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