Library Network Statistics

These reports provide a snapshot statistical view of the nine automated networks in Massachusetts. Each network provides a shared integrated library system and additional services to its member libraries.

Reports include a membership list and map, operating income and expenditures, capital expenditures, E-rate income, staffing levels, number of titles, items and resource sharing activity, and miscellaneous services.

FY2022 Report (Tableau)
FY 2021 Report (Tableau)
FY 2020 Report (Tableau)
FY 2019 Report (PDF)
FY 2018 Report (PDF)
FY 2017 Report (PDF)
FY 2016 Report (PDF)
FY 2015 Report (PDF)
FY 2014 Report (PDF)
FY 2013 Report (PDF)
FY 2012 Report (PDF)
FY 2011 Report (PDF)
FY 2010 Report (PDF)
FY 2009 Report (PDF)
FY 2008 Report (PDF)
FY 2007 Report (PDF)
FY 2006 Report (PDF)
FY 2005 Report (PDF)
FY 2004 Report (PDF)

Prepared with LSTA funds

Preparation of network annual reports were supported in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. However, the opinions expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the position or policy of that agency, and no official endorsement by that agency should be inferred.

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